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Exploring a New Terrain

Maria Collins, Guest Writer April 15, 2021

In a matter of days, the concept of an audience shifted from 250 people placed in neat rows of velvet-covered chairs, breathing the same air as performers perched upon the stage, to a limitless number...

Graphic by Rayiah Ross

The Importance of Young Adult Fiction and The Hunger Games Era

Rayiah Ross, Staff Writer April 14, 2021

*Includes commentary about each movie, so spoiler warning if you've never seen them… But if you haven’t seen them, go watch them right now! This article will still be here when you’re done. The...

Graphic by Rayiah Ross

American Horror Story: Inspired by Real-Life Events

Najla Alexander, Staff Writer March 25, 2021

American Horror Story, the very popular anthology horror TV series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchukl, has a total of nine seasons on Netflix and is currently filming the tenth. Throughout all...

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Ginny and Georgia: The Problem With All-White Writing Rooms

Ginny and Georgia is one of the newest and hottest Netflix TV series of this month. The story revolves around a young mom of two children navigating life, learning and growing from their mistakes while...

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The Importance Behind Black Horror Films

Rayiah Ross and Najla Alexander March 2, 2021

Police corruption, racism and domestic abuse wrapped into four short stories do not begin to scratch the surface of the everyday horrors Black Americans face. Shown in the film Tales From The Hood,...

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No Complaints: “Pretend It’s a City” is Pessimistically Charming

Mary Durocher, Guest Writer February 12, 2021

‘‘People are often infuriated with me because I have so many opinions,’’ Fran Lebowitz casually remarks in the mini-documentary series Pretend It’s a City. And for the witty Lebowitz, those opinions...

The Re-Emergence of Y2K

The Re-Emergence of Y2K

Greta Bergin, Graphic Designer December 23, 2020

Low rise jeans, animal print, rhinestones, tiny handbags, even tinier sunglasses, futuristic patterns, and cropped graphic tees are just some of the trends that are returning to the minds of American teens...

Film Review: Dash and Lily

Rayiah Ross, Staff Writer December 16, 2020

Holiday romantic movies tend to be formulaic and predictable every year. It’s common to see your average love story where the big city girl moves to a small town and falls in love with the barista. Maybe...

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Terrible but Feel-Good Movies for this Holiday Season

Najla Alexander, Guest Writer December 8, 2020

Holiday cheer is in the air! The smell of peppermint in coffee, seeing Christmas lights and decorations everywhere you turn, and watching the terrible but feel-good holiday movies Netflix puts out every...

'Intersection' Film Review

‘Intersection’ Film Review

Gabrielle Fiorella, Editor-in-Chief December 1, 2020

What would you do if your child or a different loved one was in danger? What lengths would you go to to save them? When does the end justify the means? When is it right to do the wrong thing? Breaking...

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The Monitor Staff’s Comfort Movie Picks

Gabrielle Fiorella, Editor-in-Chief November 14, 2020

In these trying and uncertain times, it’s always nice to have things that make you feel better. Whether it be music, movies, books, puzzles, board games, etc, it’s great to get your mind off things...

Taylor Swift’s Folklore And Its Stunning Storytelling

Taylor Swift’s Folklore And Its Stunning Storytelling

Meg Masseron, Features Editor November 12, 2020

Last July, during a quiet period for the music industry due to lack of production resources in the pandemic, Taylor Swift released folklore, a 16 track indie/folk album with hypnotic melodies and whimsical...

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