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Graphic by Greta Bergin

All You Need to Know About Clubs at MMC

Averee Nelson, Digital Managing Editor September 13, 2021

As the first few weeks of the new semester approach, club recruitment is at an all-time high at Marymount Manhattan College. Joining clubs is one of the best ways to find your group of people but sometimes...

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MMC Community Takes on Twyla Tharp’s “The One Hundreds”

Abby Boldy, Guest Writer May 11, 2021

To say that Twyla Tharp is a trailblazer in both modern and ballet dance is an understatement. Her contributions to the art form are groundbreaking and everlasting as she has forever altered the notion...

Graphic by Greta Bergin

The Club Sustain MMC Hosts Earth Day Events

Myah Lake, Guest Writer April 29, 2021

Starting in 1970, each April 22nd people worldwide focus and reflect on ways to help protect the earth on the annual Earth Day. At Marymount Manhattan College we have Sustain MMC, a club that promotes...

Men I Trust (band)

Live Shows From the Safety of Your Home

Maria Collins, Guest Writer April 12, 2021

Five musicians sit in a V-shape formation, hands wrapped around guitar necks and drumsticks, eyes peering down at frets and cymbals; they play their opening notes and a subtle, uniform head rock takes...

Graphic by Greta Bergin

MMC’s Women in Leadership Panel

Averee Nelson, Digital Managing Editor April 9, 2021

Every March, the United States recognizes the achievements and contributions women have made to our society, culture and overall history that have often remained invisible to the mainstream narrative...

July 2019: The Marìas’ concert at The Bowery Ballroom. Prior to COVID-19, audience members could stand mask-less, shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers. Photo by Maria Collins.

Life Without Live Music

Maria Collins, Guest Writer March 18, 2021

Doors open at seven o’clock ... line starts forming at six o’clock. Metal barricades provide inanimate direction for crowds to form a snaking queue along the city sidewalks. In icy winter weather,...

Pandemic Guide to Surviving College

Pandemic Guide to Surviving College

Esha Sathiyamoorthy, Guest Writer March 1, 2021

I remember when I first heard about the virus. It was a busy day in early March of 2020 filled with school assignments, readings, and exams. I was in the computer lab reviewing data with my research...

Graphic by Rayiah Ross

On The Topic of In-Person Classes Right Now at MMC

Gabrielle Fiorella, Editor-in-Chief February 19, 2021

This semester, Marymount Manhattan College actively decided, alongside the fully online counterpart, to incorporate more in-person classes back into their curriculum.  Social Distancing Ambassador Michael...

Graphic by Meg Masseron

Professors That Have Inspired Us: Profile on Professor Tatiana Serafin

Meg Masseron, Features Editor February 17, 2021

I can vividly recall the feeling of instantaneous relief when I sat down in Professor Tatiana Serafin’s office in September 2019 for a frantically-scheduled meeting about my first opportunity to be published...

Criminal Minds (

Why is Gen-Z Obsessed with True-Crime?

Najla Alexander, Guest Writer January 6, 2021

True Crime TV shows, documentaries, movies, and even books have always been popular, but in Generation Z, true crime is one of the most popular areas of interest to watch, read, and talk about. Even post...

Decorating Early for the Holidays and Holiday Spirit in Quarantine

Decorating Early for the Holidays and Holiday Spirit in Quarantine

Rayiah Ross and Najla Alexander December 7, 2020

The holiday season looks very different this year. Normally at this time of year, the fall decorations would just be put away within a week of Thanksgiving while families rush to introduce the Christmas...

Morning Star Restaurant Stealing Dining Dollars

Morning Star Restaurant Stealing Dining Dollars

Shelby Hall, Guest Writer November 27, 2020

Over the last few weeks, students of Marymount have begun to notice that they have strange charges coming out of their dining dollars account.  These charges are coming from one of MMC’s select restaurants...

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