International Food Festival and other news at MMC

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The International Food Festival is happening on Tuesday, November 19th from 12:00pm till 1:30pm. Led by The Cultural Peer Mentors, the festival is being hosted in a potluck style lunch. The Peer Mentors encourage international students and resident students to bring their favorite foods from their native lands and join in. It is recommended that you register beforehand via’s calendar, food is first come first serve.

Also happening this week, on Thursday, November 18th is the fifth annual Stand Up! Speak Out! Festival held in the Commons West from 7:00pm-9:30pm. Stand Up! Speak Out! Is a student-led festival that opens a “creative exchange” between Marymount’s campus and the Bedford Hills College Program. The Bedford Hills College Program is a college preparatory program that offers educational college prep and vocational programs to women incarcerated at the Bedford Hills Prison in Bedford Hills, NY. Featured and praised by USA Today, Marymount’s Bedford Hills Program is proud to declare that of 100 women surveyed, zero of them returned to incarceration. No RSVP is needed for Stand Up! Speak Out!, enjoy student led film, theater and art exhibits.


Featured photo from @nycmarymount on IG