How to Survive A Quarantine

Tips on Self-Quarantining During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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With all that is going on right now in the world and in your neck of the woods surrounding the coronavirus, a lot of folks are scared and are preparing to self-quarantine (or preparing for an actual quarantine to happen). The shelves at the local stores are all but empty and it’s kind of a gigantic mess, not knowing if we’ll have enough supplies or exactly what we would need to be able to survive staying inside for any amount of time for quarantine. Whether you’re nervous, impartial or indifferent, here’s what you could be doing to prepare for any type of quarantine;

1. Stock up on the necessary-to-live items, but don’t be a gigantic toilet paper hog.

There are more people in the world than we may think and everybody needs to have the means to survive also. So, while you shouldn’t be a hoarder, grab a few more of these items than you normally would during your next grocery run: medication (whether it be the medicine you already take and need or just a cold/cough/pain medicine), electrolytes, feminine hygiene products, plain old hand soap (hand sanitizer isn’t necessary but may be necessary for immunocompromised people and you shouldn’t take that away from them), detergent, shower and self-care supplies, and baby supplies if you have one. You should also stock up on some much-needed food and grocery items such as beans, rice and oats, canned soups and other canned goods, essentials (IE: salt, pepper, and oil), longer shelf life snacks, fruits and veggies, and pet food if needed. Last but not least, grab some extra paper towels, a water filter, kitchen soap, and sponges. Also, make sure you prep/freeze your meals so you can still be eating what you want to eat.

2. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself before things get out of hand.

This includes getting tested for the virus if you have the symptoms, even if you’re not afraid of getting it. Making sure we don’t give it to the people around us or people who we walk by, who have no idea and maybe can’t fight it off as we could.

3. Don’t wear a mask before you’re actually sick.

If you don’t have the virus, believe it or not, a mask actually won’t protect you from getting it. So don’t wear a mask every waking moment and think it will protect you, allow the people who are actually sick a chance to get a mask in hopes of not spreading it first. Also, healthcare workers need to be able to go buy them and if we buy them all, they won’t be able to.

4. Get a flu shot.

If you don’t already have your yearly injection, get one. The shot does not stop you from getting Coronavirus, but it can help in reducing your likelihood of getting the normal flu, thus allowing hospitals more space for COVID-19 patients since you won’t be going to them. It also helps the immunocompromised community by reducing their risk of getting sick and allowing them to stay more protected from the pandemic.

5. Having a nice work-from-home setup might be helpful.

Grab a stand for your laptop, an extra charger or just rearrange so it feels like something you can work with (and in). If you don’t have to work from home or don’t constantly have school work, maybe take up some extra light reading. You know you’ve been trying to read more for a while now.

6. Change up your daily routine so you don’t go crazy.

Do some YouTube guided yoga, a nice ab workout or use that meditation app you’ve been wanting to try since you downloaded it a year ago. Take the necessary breaks and make yourself enjoy each day. Make sure to keep in contact with other people via FaceTime or phone calls if you can’t leave so you’re not alone and going slightly insane. Social distancing is not the same as social isolation. Plan out your binging so as to not get too bored too fast.

Just remember that self-care is always the best kind of care. Watch out for yourself, your loved ones and your neighbors and don’t be afraid to live life completely normally, even if you’re stuck inside. Please also know that this pandemic does not authorize you blaming, being racist towards or degrading other cultures. Be kind always.