President Trump tested positive for COVID-19. What’s next for Pre-Election News?

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President Trump tested positive for COVID-19, 2 days following the presidential debate between him and Joe Biden. And on Friday, he was transported to Walter Reed Medical Center to receive medical treatment. In true Trump form, he released the information out himself in a tweet.

Donald J. Trump / Twitter

Controversy has followed the president throughout this pandemic regarding his stance on masks, social distancing, and reopening the economy. His diagnosis has caused even more of a divide between the parties. In true political fashion, his supporters are wishing him well while his nonsupporters are calling it karma. Just before the debate, Trump had criticized Biden for wearing a mask and while he has tested positive, Biden tested negative.

We are just left here to wonder what is next for pre-election news and how the news of President Trump testing positive will affect the media and even his campaigning for this last month. On that note, get out there and vote!! This election is a critical and crucial time to have your voice heard.