Picture Courtesy of Mira Cosic on Pixabay
Picture Courtesy of Mira Cosic on Pixabay

Learning from your Big Sister Sign

February 24, 2021

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One of the most accessible pieces of information about astrology is your sun sign, which is defined by the day and month you are born in. The twelve signs are mainly described and depicted in the media, on merchandise and in cheesy BuzzFeed articles as just the sun sign, which makes it the most digestible for all consumers. With these blanketed statements being constantly thrown out there, many people tend to stand proudly behind the idea that they are the embodiment of that one sign and its element. However, everyone is more than their sun sign, which is necessary for understanding astrology as a whole. 

A very easy yet effective way of doing this is looking into what is called your sister sign. A sister sign is defined by the sign that is directly opposite yours on the zodiac wheel or your half birthday. For example: if your birthday is March 17, your half birthday is September 17th, making your sister sign Virgo. Sister signs have the same experiences and hardships in life but deal with them differently, due to them being different elements. Water signs are always opposite Earth signs, while Fire signs are always opposite Air signs. These two pairings are also known to work well together in friendships and relationships because they have similar life experiences and can take advice from one another on how to work through things. 

Aries, an independent, impulsive, fire sign may not seem the type to get along with its sister sign of neutral decision-maker, passive-aggressive, air sign Libra, however, the two have a way of balancing each other out emotionally. Aries Suns can learn from their opposite, Libra, by understanding that not every life decision has to be made right away and there is always room to see all sides of a story or view the bigger picture. Libra Suns are known to being great neutral, unbiased people because they can view all sides to a situation without getting their emotions too involved, whereas Aries Suns cannot. On the other hand, Libra Suns can take the sentiment from Aries Suns of asserting themselves more in situations more dominantly. Aries Suns do not have a  problem speaking up and dominating a conversation, or stating their opinion or feelings. They are not passive-aggressive at all and this is something Libra Suns can benefit from. This duo is playful yet mature. 

Taurus and Scorpio are the next sister sign duo that shares more similarities than most people think. Both signs hold loyalty to a high standard on their list and have a guard up because of it. They also value their relationships with others at a deep, intellectual level. However, a Scorpio Sun will discover this intellectual level on their own first before ever opening up to you, whereas a Taurus will like to get to know you on your own terms. Secondly, Scorpio Suns may purposely upset themself due to their tendency to obsess over people and situations that are out of their control. Taurus Suns, although partake in this too, can handle this type of stress more easily due to them being more grounded and strong-willed. Scorpio Suns can learn from their opposite by understanding that some things are truly out of their control and standing your ground is not pushing people away. Differently, Taurus Suns can learn from Scorpio’s to be a little skeptical at times and question the outcomes of their, oftentimes, head-strong decisions. 

Gemini Suns, although not famously favored, is a sister sign with Sagittarius. Some people who are very adamant about not liking Geminis, but find themselves getting along with Sagittarius Suns, may want to rethink their opinion. These two signs are both known for communication and their knowledge. Gemini Suns are known for having a mental file of facts and short-term knowledge stored in their mind ready to spew out at any given moment. Similarly, Sagittarius Suns have a boatload of long-term knowledge. Aside from learning, they both say what is on their mind without hesitation. This can lead to them being seen as know-it-alls. However, since Sagittarius Suns have more philosophical, long-term and researched knowledge, they are able to back up their statements more easily than a Gemini can. Gemini will struggle with doing so because they do not put all their effort into every single thing they do because they are selective. This difference between this duo is what will benefit them both in a friendship because they can learn where their time and effort are needed and where it isn’t. 

Cancer and Capricorn are the next sister sign duo that is also known for balancing one another out emotionally, like Aries and Libra. This is because they are all cardinal signs. Cancers are notorious for wearing their heart on their sleeve and Capricorns are known for quite the opposite. Capricorns’ emotions are not at the forefront of their words and thoughts, like a Cancer, making them more level-headed and mature. This contrast between the two is much needed because they can learn more about expressing their emotions healthily from one another. Cancers can learn to express themselves more composed rather than bursting out into high emotions. Capricorns can learn to be loose with themselves and use their words and facial expressions to more accurately convey their message to their friend or partner. 

The next duo of Leo and Aquarius are similar to Taurus and Scorpio because they are all fixed signs. All four of these signs do share the tendency to obsess and fixate on people, however, Leo and Aquarius have a different way of showing it. Leo and Aquarius are two signs that love and embrace individuality, community, innovation, and beauty. They love to find new ways to express themselves and show off because, in a way, it fuels their ego. Leo Suns love individuality for a more selfish reason, whereas Aquarius loves individuality as a bonding agent to bring together a community of unique individuals. This contrast is what makes these two great together. Leo can be humbled by their sister sign while also boosting Aquarius to realize their worth and to take more time to focus on themselves more. 

The last sister sign duo is Virgo and Pisces, which face similar differences and hardships like their mutable confidants, Gemini and Sagittarius. Virgo Suns are known for being driven, hardworking, and reliable. This is just the opposite of a Pisces Sun, as they are very indecisive, dubious, like to have their hand in every pot. Being that they are a water sign, they move around a lot and cannot find themselves sticking to one hobby, person, or job without getting, perhaps, bored and unfulfilled. This is where Virgo’s sense of groundedness and professionalism comes in to help Pisces settle down. On the other hand, Pisces can help Virgo relax more and delve into a fantasy world once in a while. Pisces will teach Virgo life is not always about working hard and there can definitely be some play from time to time. 

Finding someone whose sun sign is your sister sign can benefit you and the other person in so many areas in life. Sister signs are here to show you a reflection of yourself that you can aspire to be, comparable to a real-life big sister or older sibling. If you find yourself stuck, your sister sign is most likely in that same predicament or has gone through it already, and you can for sure find companionship in them.

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