Body of Missing Teen Found

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18-year-old Naomi Irion’s body was found at a local gravesite in Fernley, Nevada when Irion had been missing for almost three weeks after being abducted from a Walmart parking lot. In accordance with CBS News, “Sheriff’s deputies found Irion’s abandoned car in Fernley on March 15. Evidence found in the abandoned car suggested that her disappearance was criminal in nature, the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office said.”


After receiving an anonymous tip at the local Lyon County office, upon further investigation, it was confirmed to be the body of Naomi Irion. When Irion was abducted on March 12 a male suspect entered her car and proceeded to say something along the lines of threatening to get her to move into the passenger seat. While the suspect drives away in the driver’s seat with Naomi in the car. 


It was found that the male suspect was a white male in his 40s by the name of Troy Driver who is charged with first-degree kidnapping of Naomi Irion but authorities do not know at this time whether he would be charged in her death. His bail is being set to over $700,000 and if able to make bail he will be under close supervision.