GrubHubs Takeover: Changes to MMC’s Food Programs

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Marymounts cafeteria located on the fourth floor of Carson Hall is responsible for feeding over half of the school’s population everyday. When students arrived for the Fall 2022 semester things looked a little different. In previous years students would

be served and pay all at the station they order from, now everything must go through the app GrubHub.

The new layout of the cafeteria is rather simple, with cases full of beverages on the wall with a massive snack display in the middle. Around the outskirts of the room is where the stations for food are. Last year you could walk up and verbally order your meal, today you must place an order through GrubHub. This may not seem like a major change, but to some students and faculty the changes to Marymount’s food program are shifting their perspective on the quality of service and food. 

Sitting downstairs in the commons, Junior Parker Ramirez opened up about his opinions on the changes. Ramirez noted that the changes went farther than just the changes of service, but the quality of food and variety  of options has changed. For vegans and vegetarians there used to be a massive assortment of food they could choose from, now that display no longer exists. While the variety of food options has decreased, the new abundance of snacks is eye-catching.

Hours could be spent looking through all of the snacks MMC’s cafeteria has to offer. There even was a seasonals snack display for Halloween, and while it seems ideal for students to be able to grab all these snacks on the go, they still must place an order through GrubHub. One of the most noticeable flaws in the new GrubHub system is the increased wait times. Popping in to just grab one thing now has added steps including purchasing through the app, waiting for your ticket to be called, and then paying. The process is the same no matter what is purchased. Even with the shortened list of food options there does not seem to be a lack of students eating it, showing that even with increased times and smaller variety students are still wanting to eat at school. These changes appear to be here to stay, and maybe with time, flexibility and effectiveness will be achieved by the new GrubHub system.