Winner of 2022 Marymount Poetry Prize Revealed! 

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Winner of 2022 Marymount Poetry Prize Revealed! 


Did you know that MMC’s Department of Writing, Literature and Languages hosts an annual poetry competition for high school students? This year, we received over a hundred submissions!  Selecting one winning poem proved to be a very hard job indeed, but, after careful deliberation, our jury decided to award the 2022 Marymount Poetry Prize to “moving/dream” by Ziyi Yan of Greenwich High School. Ziyi Yan’s poem manages to be at once mysterious and colloquial, surprising and universal. It juts out in associative directions and, like a boomerang, finds its way back to the root of the issue: the pain of trying to make a connection. Here’s our winning poem for your reading pleasure: 




two things are unique                to a home: 

writers’ block and wetting the bed. in sleep 


my adult teeth pushed       each other 

from my mouth like dominos. you held  


me, a wrinkled fetus         with long hair– 

we can laugh at that. but really, you held  


old jeans like a plea. my stomach bulged 

from the fabric              and i forgot why 


we took turns apologizing. 




whenever my sister wants to play  

a board game, i say     i need 


to write. actually   i scratch out 

my hair and watch videos of celebrities  


kissing           in the next room. i crawl 

to her bed when i’m sure she’s crawled 


to yours. in a false dawn        you nestle  

me to your stomach, so i feign deafness  


as you open the curtains. 五分, you  

snap.           in haste, i paw everything 


out of my underwear drawer– 




i never wrangled our knocker to choke 

your screaming.         instead i sprawled  


on the porch, winced at how even wood 

whined under me. the time you waste  


in driving me has dribbled  

down my chin, groping for taste. mom 


we whittle this house       

to a pyre.         tonight 


my mouth is dried raw and i’m sorry 

i mocked you   for this: 


we’ve locked our keys in the new house.  

your jeans in my closet are     moving.  


* “五分” translates to, “we leave in five minutes.”