The Last Of Us Episode 8: He’s Got You Baby Girl

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Nothing could have prepared me for this week’s episode. The ending of episode 7 left us with the uncertainty and fear for Joel’s safety/health with Ellie stitching him up with a needle and thread. Ellie’s protective instincts kicked in to keep her only friend and closest thing to a family member alive. What was so terrifying with this episode was the biblical aspect and the new characters that were incorporated. It was extremely hard to sympathize with them, when they said they “found God” when the apocalypse first started, and to see how David, their leader and preacher, treated the other “cult” members. When Ellie came into contact with David and his partner, they knew that she was the one with Joel when he killed their friend Alec, and Ellie’s attempt to draw them away from Joel in his sickly state made me so nervous because she was on the horse?! She was going to be caught immediately anyway and the killing of the horse made me so sad for her to get caught. Immediately, after being introduced to David and his “crew”, I knew they were into some MESSED up stuff, and watching the scene of him speaking with Ellie while she was caged in after being caught, and we discover they’re all cannibals??????? SO MESSED UP AND INSANE. And then David practically hitting on Ellie, horrifying. I was so anxious the whole time and when she finally escaped and Joel was able to defend himself against the two men that went to look for him, we knew that he was going to be okay, thank god. Ellie’s escape from David almost sa-ing her, first of all, absolutely horrific, but her feminine rage really stood out and was evident in the scene of her killing him which was absolutely insane. I was speaking with two of my friends and we agreed that we were glad that Joel didn’t come in and save the day because we got to see Ellie’s fighting development and even more how she can defend herself. But what was the biggest nuclear bomb of the episode was Joel and Ellie’s reunion. She was of course startled as all get out, but he quickly reassured her that everything was okay and said “I’ve got you, baby girl” and my heart shattered. Their bond has strengthened so much and he hasn’t said that since Sarah died 20 years ago. He finally considers Ellie as a daughter and it’s so heart wrenching and emotional. They really do need each other in this world and it hurts to know what happens in the next episode, which is the season 1 finale! *cue tears streaming down my face* Overall, this episode had so many big plot points and shockers, even more than some in episodes past. I was glued to the screen the entire time and can’t wait for next sunday but am also quite terrified. 


Tune in next week for my rollercoaster of emotions I know I will experience!