What it Means to Be Thankful

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Well, Thanksgiving is coming up, and even though the origins of the holiday may be slightly controversial, it is undeniably a time to give thanks and bring the family together. Also, it’s time to eat food. Lots and lots of food. Every family’s Thanksgiving traditions are different, and every individual is grateful for something different. We asked ten students what their favorite Thanksgiving foods are, and what they are most grateful for this year.

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie. I’m most thankful for my roommates.” Emily Angellilo, Freshman, Psychology Major

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is either stuffing or butternut squash mac n’ cheese. I’m grateful for my mom, real people, humanity, good food, Florence and the Machine, the opportunity to be here, friendships, face masks, essential oils, water, and how theatre and dance allow me to escape.” Mattson Williams, Sophomore, Musical Theatre Major

“My favorite Thanksgiving food would be filet mignon because my family is unconventional; for Thanksgiving, we go get Japanese Hibachi instead. I’m very grateful for the opportunity for education many people are denied.” – Parker Rising, Freshman, Psychology Major

“Favorite Thanksgiving food: mashed potatoes. Most grateful for: my family.” Grace Webber, Freshman, Musical Theatre Major

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is the vegan corn and avocado salad my mom makes every year! Traditional food though, my favorite is mashed potatoes, especially the kind the Irish side of my family makes. I’m most grateful for my roommates who I couldn’t be surviving my first semester without.” Maggie Salko, Sophomore, English Major

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie or mashed potatoes with gravy. I’m thankful for my girlfriend.” Sierra Rasheed, Freshman, Psychology Major

“They’re called funeral potatoes, they’re like scalloped potatoes. I’m grateful for the lives that surround me, whether they’re friends, family, etcetera because they not only lift me up when I’m feeling low, but also because they constantly inspire me. And I’m grateful for a healthy body that gets to work every day to do what I love!” Sophia Aste, Freshman, Dance Major

“Favorite Thanksgiving food? I guess corn… I don’t know, I like corn. I’m grateful for my friends and family.” Joey Lohr, Freshman, Musical Theatre Major

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is either pumpkin pie or lefsa, which is kind of like a crepe except not sweet, and you put butter and sugar on it and roll it up. I’m grateful for my family, my friends, and being able to live in New York and go to an awesome school.” Naomi Sprague, Freshman, Business Major

“My favorite food is mac n’ cheese for sure. I’m thankful to be surrounded by people that motivate me to be the best version of myself every day!” Harrison Mootoo, Senior, Musical Theatre Major