Trying Tik Tok Trends

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Being in quarantine, my boredom has gotten the best of me one too many times. So one day I resorted to downloading Tik Tok again (yes, I had it two summers ago, but deleted it because I became too addicted to watching them) and decided to learn some dances. TikTok dances are a fun way to stay active and stay up to date on the latest trends that the app has to offer.

From “Renegade,” to “Say So,” to “Supalonely,” honestly, the list of TikTok dances is endless. I’m in the middle of learning “Supalonely” and “Alright” because not only are they super catchy songs, but the dances are really fun to learn and do. One dance that was super easy to pick up was avid TikTok user Noah Schnapp’s dance.

Catchy dances spread through the app like wildfire and his was one of them. Influencers such as Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, and Addison Re did his dance and, of course, made it more popular, even though it had already quickly become popular beforehand, due to Schnapp’s popularity from Stranger Things.

I’m going to learn some more dances soon because they’re just a lot of fun and I love dancing.