Why MMC Students Wear A Mask


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Wearing a mask in public has become the new normal. While much controversy over the requirement of mask-wearing has surfaced around the country, MMC students are quick to explain why they choose to wear a mask. 

I wear a mask out of respect for my health and the health of others. It’s a simple step to take to protect us all from the virus and allow us to continue to do some activities and support businesses.

— Amanda Meder, Senior

Many businesses won’t let you in if you don’t have a mask because it is a requirement. According to the New York State Law, if you are over 2 years of age and unable to keep a 6-foot distance from others while in a public place, including public transportation, you must wear a mask. Just this week New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (“MTA”), which runs the vast system of subways, buses, and railroads, released a statement saying Transit Police will fine those riding any form of public transit $50 if they refuse to wear a mask, effective September 14. 

Julia Saltzman who is a junior at Marymount said, “Coming from a germaphobe even before the virus, I wear a mask because I do not want to put others in danger and I want to flatten the curve of the virus.” Saltzman has grandparents who she loves and cares about. 

Carolyn Rupp, a senior dance major who is currently taking her zoom classes in the MMC studios said, “I wear a mask because I know that it keeps me and others around me safe, and it’s as simple as that.”

Although classes are all virtual, the MMC dance department is allowing students to utilize the studios if their apartment space in the city does not allow enough room to dance this semester. They have cautiously instructed the dancers to remain a significant distance apart and require them to wear a mask. 

When asked about dancing in a mask Rupp replied, “I won’t lie that dancing in the basement [studio] with a mask on can sometimes get hard when you’re sweating a lot, but after a while, you don’t even really notice it.”

For Marymount Manhattan College students, wearing a mask is a simple task that they all agree helps with creating a healthier community during this global pandemic. It’s as simple as that. Mask up and flatten the curve.