The Top 5 Things I Learned in ONA’s Masterclass

Engaging with Reddit’s Endless Content

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At MMC, a Reddit training was hosted as part of the MMC Journalism Speaker Series. Attending this ONA masterclass was a great add-on to that! Here are the top 5 things I learned in ONA’s Reddit Masterclass:

On-Platform Engagement

Media organizations can create profiles on Reddit to develop their brands and engage users via:

● AMA (Ask Me Anything)

• Comment Engagement

● Live Streaming through RPAN

Sourcing Reddit Content

Media organizations can source from Reddit to create uniquely engaging content across media formats.

Important Tips When You Make A Profile

Content: Make sure your content is relevant to your organization

Etiquette: Always be respectful of others ideas and work

Keep The Conversation Going: Keep the comments section alive and the engagement too!

How University Publications Can Use Reddit As A Tool

● Search for Subreddits on Other Local Colleges’ Publications

● Interact with those Subreddits

● Find Other Subreddits in the City to Connect to the College

Tips to Approach People on Reddit For Interviews

● Don’t Let Them Dox Themselves

● Reach Out to Them on A Legitimate Account, So They Know You are Trustworthy

● Give Them Room to Say Their Thoughts, Don’t Overwhelm Them With Questions or Information

● Reach out to the Moderators of the Subreddit First, They Know the Community Better Than Anyone

● It is More Trustworthy to Get The Interviewee on The Phone

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