He’s Back and Better than Ever

A Sneak Peek Into the “Chucky” TV Show

Reading Time: 2 minutes

*Spoilers Ahead if you haven’t watched the first episode*

Charles Lee Ray is back as the iconic Good Guy Chucky doll in the small town of Hackensack or Hackenslash, New Jersey. This time you will hear the origin story of Charles Lee Ray that all started in this small town and how and/or why he became a serial killer. Making this small town famous for having one of the most infamous serial killers born there. 

Jake Wheeler is a misunderstood 14-year old (Zackary Author) whose life is turned upside down when he decides to purchase a retro Good Guy doll from a yard sale for his abstract art piece. From the start, you see how isolated he is even at home, where his dad abuses alcohol during the day and doesn’t want to accept his son’s art or sexuality. All because he thinks that is why he never has friends and his own cousin bullies him. Devoting all his time to his art because his mom who passed away was also an artist trying to keep that connection alive through his art. Causing him to lash out at his son and even go as far as physically assaulting his son all because the son told him he is embarrassed that people think his son is gay. 

The series brings the classic dark comedy when it comes to the banter that makes Charles Lee Ray especially when he can’t stand bullies and Jake has a lot of them. Including his own cousin, the cousin’s girlfriend, and the bystanders who laugh along with it. Chucky notices this and takes action on multiple occasions. One at the school talent show by acting as a puppet. Exposing everyone in his life who did him wrong, especially the cousin’s girlfriend who seems to make it her life mission to make Jake’s life a living hell. The second time when he sees the father physically abusing the son he kills him justifying it because the father was never gonna change and it was just going to get worse. Forcing Jake to live with his uncle and his cousin who abuses him. 

You see a new side to Chucky. A side where he doesn’t just kill people for the fun of it or trying to transfer his soul into a body to be free of the doll but kills people who hurt Jake tremendously. So, those bullies better watch out because Chucky is back and he doesn’t tolerate, to quote, “a**holes.”