Stay Masked Up This Holiday Season

Reading Time: 2 minutes

2021 called and they said if you want the following years to be COVID-19 free then wear your mask and practice social distancing. 

It is around the time of year where everyone is preparing for the holiday season ahead of them with the weather getting colder and colder every day. You see stores putting out decorations, everyone itching to get that Starbucks holiday cup, and everyone trying to stay warm. Gathering all the perfect ingredients to make their Thanksgiving feast and even eyeing that perfect gift for a loved one, surrounded by friends and family. 

Unfortunately, last year with the pandemic looming over our heads like a dark cloud we weren’t able to fully enjoy what the holidays are really about; being with family and loved ones. That prominent connection that humans thrive on was stripped from us and now there is a chance to fully enjoy the holidays. This year is a chance at somewhat normalcy to be with your loved ones during the holidays if everyone continues to follow CDC guidelines and remembers to wear masks whether you are vaccinated or not. 

You never would have thought the comment, “I would not touch that person with a six-foot pole,” would be a national policy, but here we are a year later still trying to deal with this virus the best we can. Now, if everyone does their part by wearing a mask and following proper social distancing guidelines so we can all enjoy our holidays with our loved ones. 

Don’t be the person who doesn’t wear a mask and ruins the chances of seeing your family over the holidays, be the person who does wear a mask and social distances. Protect yourself from this raging pandemic, add the plain blue pop of color to your holiday attire, and remember to always stay safe!