Another Journalist Lost their Life in Mexico

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Journalists sent to Mexico to investigate suspicions of corrupt officials/politicians leading to the exposure of a corrupt administration are leading to the deaths of journalists. In one month alone, the world has lost yet another one of their journalists, the fourth death to be exact, for trying to bring the world the truth. 

CBS News reported, “Armando Linares, director of the local website Monitor Michoacán, said three assailants fatally shot Roberto Toledo in the city of Zitacuaro. Prosecutors in the western state of Michoacán said they were investigating the report.” Linares reported the website had received threats for reporting on governmental corruption. More and more journalists are being murdered for doing their jobs, ensuring that this does not happen again having a protection system in place for such journalists. Whether that be bodyguards or having an emergency button that alerts authorities to their exact whereabouts. This system needs to ensure that these deaths will not continue. 

Such a tragedy has put reporters around the border so much on edge that protests have started because they are angry that they are not getting the protection they need to do their job right. Despite having this system in place most cases remain unsolved and change needs to happen so the innocent lives of media workers can stop being taken.