Hello Spring: New York City Welcomes the New Season

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As the buds on the trees begin to bloom, the city rejoices in a celebration of new beginnings. There is something in the crisp spring air that lightens a load off of everyone’s shoulders, the blanket of winter, finally lifted. Taking in the joy of the season is something that can be seen throughout the bustling and blooming streets of the city we call home. 


As you approach Marymount Manhattan College on a bright Spring morning, the greeting of sunshine on the pink budding trees is a sight that will wake anyone up before they even get inside to Starbucks. The views of the blossoming trees of the city are a staple to be on the lookout for during the month of April.


Another spot in the city that stands out in the spring is the walkway over the dog park at Sutton Place Park near the 55th street residence hall. The park is coming alive with the joyous dogs and sun shining over the water, warming your skin as you feel the air change. 


Central Park comes alive on any sunny day in the city, but something about the April air brings about a new sense of joy in knowing this time, the sunny days and picnics at the park are here to stay. It is a special feeling to be in such a wide-open space that has such a strong sense of community on the first day when the temperature goes above 70 degrees in the city. 


The Conservatory Water in the park is a staple to any spring day in the city. The view of the buildings reflecting on the water glowing in the bright light of the sun is encapsulated by people getting their steps in while stopping for a coffee at the Le Pain Quotidien located steps away from the reservoir. On any given day the sounds of a single musician may be heard resonating around the water giving a soundtrack to the beauty of nature surrounding you in a city full of concrete. It is truly the perfect place for a sunny morning coffee or a sunset picnic with your friends on a warm night. 


Another tell-tale sign of the warm weather coming in as an MMC student is seeing the terrace become alive with conversations of students being shared over lunch, or a quick study break between classes. The students of Marymount take over the outside patio while it becomes our school’s own little piece of nature and peace sitting floors above the bustling streets below.


The transition to the new season is truly a universal feeling of new beginnings and a fresh start for everyone in the northeast who experience it. With that being said, I think it is safe to say that nothing compares to the strength of the change in the city. It is such a magical feeling to walk down the streets and feel the energy exuding from everyone you pass. All of us live different lives, but at the same time, we all are sharing this time of change and happiness brought on by the sunshine. New York City is a powerful force, the sun just needed to come around to show us.