3 Ways to Unwind After A Hectic First Week of Classes

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The first week of classes is stressful for everyone coming back from summer vacation and figuring out their new school/work-life balance, but don’t let the stress get to you. We all have been there and we are here to help!


Here are some tips to unwind after a long week: 


  1. Watch an old/new TV show: 


Sit down and relax somewhere comfortable while your favorite comfort show is playing or even find something new that will have you hooked so your mind can have a rest, at least for a little while. 

  1. Make Sure to Get Some Fresh Air: 


Enjoy the nice warm weather while it’s still here and get ready for the fall season by making sure to get outside even if it’s just walking before it becomes too cold!


  1. Take Some Time to Yourself: 


Be the main character of your own story and treat yourself to a day with just you. Even if that means buying coffee, strolling through a park, and just being in the moment with just you doing it. Always prioritize your time and needs to yourself even if you look silly by yourself, you don’t. Everyone needs a little tender love and care from themselves every once in a while. 


Always remember you got this, it’s only the first week! Don’t forget to get enough rest at night, stay hydrated, and eat.