Late night eats: 5 places to go after the party

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A night out in New York City is never complete without a late night snack. Whether it’s a burger dripping in grease and ketchup accompanied with crispy crinkle cut french fries or a pint of half melted Ben and Jerrys from the corner store on your street, the after party will always be accompanied with some good eats. Gather round with your friends and dig in. Compiled from Yelp reviews and lists from years of late night munchies, these are the top five loved spots in Manhattan that will keep the charge below $25.

7th Street Burger

A celebrity favorite and now staple of New York nightlife is 7th Street Burger. Originating in the East Village on its namesake 7th street, there are now seven locations (fitting) around New York City. Approved by model Bella Hadid, via her Instagram stories, crowds flock to the many locations that offer the standard menu with four food items and a short list of drinks that will run you anywhere from $7.8 to $10.50. The burger company is located next to its sister store which is a delicious banana pudding company. Only at the original location, Baonanas offers a menu of 63 mouth watering flavors that are the perfect wrap up to the double cheeseburger and Mexican Coke. 

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

Located in the East Village, Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Astoria, and Park Slope, this classic pizza spot has been a staple on almost all the top ranked lists of late night eats. With the most popular slice being the Artichoke slice, with a side of artichoke dip to satisfy that savory bite we all crave. The namesake slice comes in at $5.50. An enthusiastic Yelp reviewer has this tip, “Want to enjoy some great pizza without the lines, go during the day!! Don’t wait for your drunken escapade. Try the crab pizza.”  A must try that stands the test of time.

Halal Guys

On every street corner in the city lives the most recognisable smell tied with NYC. Halal guys started the ever famous food carts in New York City and continue to be a staple on almost every avenue throughout Manhattan. The enticing odor of herbs and spices are sure to bring in the crowds at 1am on a Friday night, (or Saturday morning). Starting by selling authentic food to Taxi drivers in 1990, the Halal Guys food truck now serves all of NYC at all hours of the day, especially after the bar closes and people are heading home with the need for that last bite to hold them over till the morning.


Open 24/7, Veselka is the keeper of the perfect late night pierogi, or potato pancake. Nothing says late night snack session like a fried potato and cheese pierogi. Located in the East Village, the spot offers the perfect convenient stop to wrap up the night. Since 1954, this classic spot has been feeding new yorkers from brunch to breakfast with no break in between. Along with serving up Ukrainian comfort food, the business has also raised over $300,000 in support of Ukraine. The family behind the business has also created an amazon wishlist where donations can be bought and sent out in support. A full feast will run you around $20 and a very full belly. If you can get past the line, it’s the definition of a go to late night spot.

24 Hour Diners

From pancakes to burgers, chicken fingers, to matzah ball soup, the classic New York diner is a timeless tradition that can be spotted anywhere in the city, on any corner.  A Marymount favorite is Morning Star Cafe located right outside the 55th street dorms where dining dollars are accepted as payment. The broken leather booths and the slightly sticky tables mixed with the deep fried goodies plastered on the comically large menus combine to create the perfect finale to the night. The cherry on top of the strawberry malt milkshake with whipped cream. 


The options in New York City are endless, but with these honorable mentions, there is bound to be something that satisfies that late night craving. The list will only get longer as bellies stay hungry, and the city stays up and out.