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Mental health at Marymount Manhattan College

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Mental Health is a priority at Marymount Manhattan college.  is looking forward to creating and expanding awareness on mental health and its importance on everyone in the MMC community. Here is what Marymount offers to support and keep our mental health on top, all semester long.


College can be challenging and overwhelming, but mental health is essential for having a healthy lifestyle, good performance at school and an armonious experience during college years. According to the CDC more than 4 out of 10 college students felt persistently sad and hopeless, and 42% reported poor mental health. It’s fundamental to keep mental health a priority, and seek out help when needed. At Marymount Manhattan College there are multiple resources you might not know, to keep up with healthy mental health habits. Also, MMC counts with The Counseling Wellness Center (CWC) which is open to support you whenever you struggle.


The counseling wellness center is located at Marymount Manhattan College, Nugent suite 352  and operates Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM. At the CWC students will find support on psychological and personal wellness, short term consultations, management wellness programs and referrals for treatment. Additionally, all MMC currently enrolled students are welcome to use all CWC services for free, as much as needed. Some of the topics discussed at the CWC are alcohol and drugs, anxiety, abuse, lack of motivation, disordered eating, and body image but these are not limited to other concerns. The CWC counts with a professional team including licensed psychologists, social workers, a nurse practitioner and doctoral trainees in clinical psychology, which will be able to attend all your needs. 


During the 2022-2023 academic year, The Counseling Wellness Center received 279 unique students and approximately 150 per semester. The most prevalent service requested by students was individual psychotherapy. At the CWC students will receive personalized counseling and treatments based on unique concerns and backgrounds. The CWC aims to help students by providing a safe environment that enables students to feel heard and understood. Additionally, the CWC helps students identify unhelpful patterns and behaviors and aims to teach healthy mental health skills such as relaxing skills, and coping with emotions exercises among many others. All these tactics are intended to provide students with tools for having a healthier and peaceful life during college.


On the other side, students who require a more intensive specialized treatment will receive accompaniment from the CWC to find appropriate mental health providers off campus. Also, students will receive referrals for outside health care providers and medications as needed. However, The CWC provides in campus evaluation for the use of psychiatric medication by means of a professional psychiatrists nurse practitioner which can prescribe medications and or other services required for each unique case. 


It’s important to highlight that the Counseling Wellness center encounters confidential policies, and no one outside the CWC is informed that a student has received counseling or access to other private information. Nonetheless, there are few times where counselors might need to break with confidential policies such as when the student is evaluated to be a danger for itself, or others, if there has been an abuse report, or if court requires disclose information.


Overall, Marymount Manhattan college wants to raise awareness around the importance of counseling and therapy and how helpful and beneficial it can be. Some of the benefits associated with attending therapy are: feeling better with oneself, creating solutions, and learning therapeutic skills. Keeping a healthy mental health must be a priority and at Marymount there are multiple resources students can turn to, so don’t hesitate to seek out help.


Lastly, Marymount Manhattan College invites students to use all resources available on campus, such as The Counseling Wellness Center where free therapeutic, psychological and psychiatric care is available for all currently enrolled Marymount students. The CWC provides both in person and online “telemental” appointments for students convenience. You are not alone, CWC is here to help!


“Take the first step to success, by taking care of your mental health”

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