The Best Part of 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes

While 2021 has been significantly better than 2020, there is still a peak of greatness that awaits us beginning May 13th. Jupiter will enter its home sign of Pisces on May 13th and leave on June 20th. This is predicted to be the best few months of 2021 because when a planet enters its home sign for a period of time there is more clarity, energy and balance in people’s lives. These next few months will be a highly opportunistic time for everyone because it will reveal truths and paths for us to take that is reflective of what our individual 2022 will be like when Jupiter is fully in Pisces for the entirety of the year. 

Jupiter rules idealism, optimism and expansion and it is one of the two social planets. It is also known as the planet of fortune and generosity. Jupiter rules the sign of Pisces, making these qualities more present throughout May and June. Pisces is known as being highly intuitive, imaginative and compassionate. Combining these traits together will make for an easy flowing way of thinking and ease everyone’s stress about life, career, the future and relationships. Being open to expanding your creative and imaginative side will come easier due to this placement. 

Since Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, they also rule over completion. This translates into individuals knowing a cycle is about to end or is ending currently. There will be no confusion or feelings of hesitation because Jupiter in Pisces will assure you that you are stepping down from one chapter and entering a new one with a fresh mind. This will be a great time to make grand transitions in your life such as moving into a new place, switching careers or majors, starting a new diet and starting new bonds and relationships. 

May 13th marks the start of change and growth as well as expansion in our creative endeavors. Every long-term project you begin or manifest during these months will come into fruition during 2022. This is because we will be at a heightened level of creativity and want to put forth that energy into bigger projects or goals that we may not have had the energy to do so before. This energy will carry us into wanting to complete these projects and seeing results slowly instead of leaving them at a standstill because we do not see results right away. 

Additionally, Jupiter in Pisces will open us to look deeper within ourselves and our psychic senses. Since Pisces is a highly intuitive sign, these traits are brought out more heavily when it’s in its home sign. These are not to make you feel paranoid or overanalyze everything, but truths will be more clearly seen and your gut will be a very trusting source for you. This may make us want to be more introspective about our life in general and put things into perspective as to whether they benefit us or not. We will be coming to terms with who we are and who we want to become during these months. Having these feelings along with the energy of ending a cycle or chapter in our life is very beneficial and makes things easier to navigate as we go through the first half of summer.  These feelings also help us enter these new chapters with less fear and fewer anxieties. 

The reason this is so special and why it’s predicted to be the best part of 2021 is because Jupiter only moves signs about once a year. As of 2020 and 2021, Jupiter has been in Capricorn and then in Aquarius, which both have created very strict and unharmonious energies. There was a lack of optimism in many individual’s personal lives, in society, throughout the nation and globally. Although many of these negatives still exist today, there is a light at the end of the tunnel that is being seen by many. To put things into perspective Jupiter in Capricorn was very strict, while Jupiter in Aquarius was heavily stubborn. Jupiter in Pisces is more relaxed and optimistic. We will get to feel this change within us and around us. This is due to Jupiter transitioning into watery, dream-like Pisces after all those years. 

However, after Jupiter leaves Pisces, it will go retrograde in Aquarius starting June 20th up until mid-October. When a planet goes retrograde, it means it simply has reverted back to the sign it was previously in rather than moving forward. The effects of a Jupiter retrograde are to make people hyper-aware of the decisions they are making and getting things in line before they continue onward with their journey. A Jupiter retrograde tends to make individuals more introspective on themselves mainly. This will be an interesting transition and help us make room for a lot of personal growth.