What to Expect Summer 2021

Reading Time: 4 minutes

After another long school year, the anticipation for summer has been universally shared and heavily desired. Luckily, summer 2021 has some fun things in store for you: your love life and emotions. This summer is projected to be a very successful one for relationships of all kinds. Whether that be a relationship with one other person, a few people or yourself, there will be intense feelings of passion, deep communication, emotions and reflection. 

To kick the summer off, Jupiter will be entering its home sign of Pisces on May 13th until about June 20th. This signifies open-mindedness and an opportunity for powerful, long-term manifestations. Shortly after, Mercury will go Retrograde in Gemini on May 29th. Gemini is known as the sign of short-term knowledge and communication. Mercury is the planet of communication. With this planet in Retrograde under the sign of Gemini, it signifies that our communication amongst others can be easily misconstrued. Expect misleading information around this time due to the reverse effects of a Retrograde. An easy and effective way to combat this would be to think slowly through your words as well as information you hear from conversations. This Retrograde will last a few weeks, ending on June 22nd. 

As for the rest of June, Cancer entering Venus starts off the month, followed by a Venus in Cancer trine Jupiter in Pisces on June 3rd. To begin, Venus in Cancer is a very nurturing, sentimental placement. This will reflect in our home life and for our loved ones for the next few weeks of June. With the placement in a trine with Jupiter in Pisces, it signifies both qualities of each placement coming together. A trine is an aspect where there are two planets in a sign sharing the same element and are 120 degrees apart. A trine is known to have great energy flow between the planets included in the trine, oftentimes bringing luck and opportunities forward. Since Venus is all about love, beauty and money, being in a trine with the planet of luck and greater fortune, or Jupiter will be a very opportunistic time for many. While Mercury is still in Retrograde in Gemini, there will be a new moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini as well on June 10th. This placement will be a great marker for anyone to start something new or go someplace new. However, since Mercury is still in Retrograde, it’s crucial to plan things out thoroughly and take your time communicating your desires. 

While Jupiter is still in Pisces, it will go Retrograde June 20th. It will be best to trust your intuition at this time the most because you may not have the best of luck due to the planet being in Retrograde. In the next two days, Mercury will go direct in Gemini. When a planet goes direct in a sign it means it is going at its normal speed and it’s no longer Retrograde. The effects of the Retrograde will be lifted and we will finally be able to think clearly again. Towards the end of June, Venus will leave Cancer and enter Leo for the next month. This will take our romance life in a more vibrant direction. Venus in Leo will be a dramatic change because it will center itself on spending and spoiling ourselves rather than nurturing those around us. 

As we enter July, Mercury in Gemini will square Neptune in Pisces. A square is defined as a planetary aspect where two planets are 90 degrees away from one another, making a square in the zodiac wheel. Unfortunately, squares are not the most positive aspect because they create restrictions and limitations amongst the planets involved. In this instance, we have Mercury and Neptune, two planets known for communication and imagination. Having them square each other will create tension for talkative, quick-witted Gemini placements and dreamy Pisces placements because each of these planets rules the sign they are in. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune and Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Overcoming this square will have us put our pride aside and ask for clarity in everything we do because if not, this can quickly lead to impulsive decisions that are not healthy or thought out. This will occur on July 6th, however, on July 11th Mercury will be entering the sign of Cancer. This change will have us overthinking more about the relationships we have made thus far with people and taking things more than just at face value. We will be more critical of who is allowed to see us with our guard completely down, as we will begin to trust our emotions and intuition more. For some, this may be helpful when trying to solidify your status in a relationship, friend group or community. 

Leaving Cancer season and entering Leo season mid-July, the energy will shift to become more energetic, playful and self-serving. Leo season will have a lot of people making impulsive decisions with not only their actions but words as well. A majority of Leo season will have a back and forth feeling of wanting to stand our ground while also protecting our peace and not getting involved in old situations or drama. Jupiter will also go Retrograde again in Aquarius on July 28th. This will be a testing ground for us to see if we have grown since last year because similar or the same opportunities and people will present themselves to us again during this time. 

We end the summer with Uranus going Retrograde in Taurus for the next five months. Uranus is known as the awakener in astrology because it brings out sudden changes when it is involved in aspects, like a Retrograde or trine. Taurus is known for being headstrong and practical. While Uranus in Taurus is in Retrograde, this will signify reverse effects of what Uranus stands for. In this case, instead of there being a five-month period of new changes, this will be a time for reflection. We will be reflecting on our recent past, like the whole summer from May to August. We will feel like we have time to take a breather and relax more rather than push ourselves to do more.

This summer will definitely take us on a journey with the plethora of Retrogrades happening month after month on multiple planets. It’s the complete opposite of the mundane and dull summer we had last year, but that’s what makes this summer all the more special.