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What to Expect Summer 2021

What to Expect Summer 2021

Alyssa Rosado, Astrology Reporter May 19, 2021

After another long school year, the anticipation for summer has been universally shared and heavily desired. Luckily, summer 2021 has some fun things in store for you: your love life and emotions. This...

Graphic by Greta Bergin

The Best Part of 2021

Alyssa Rosado, Astrology Reporter May 13, 2021

While 2021 has been significantly better than 2020, there is still a peak of greatness that awaits us beginning May 13th. Jupiter will enter its home sign of Pisces on May 13th and leave on June 20th....

Graphic by Rayiah Ross

Astrology Myths You Are Probably Believing

Alyssa Rosado, Astrology Reporter April 27, 2021

Chances are you’ve come across Astrology Twitter or Astrology Tiktok at some point and have taken a personal deep dive to see what people have to say about your sign. You’ve probably read thousands...

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Why People Hate Your Sign

Alyssa Rosado, Astrology Reporter April 8, 2021

You’ve probably overheard, or even had conversations yourself, about astrology once in your life. They typically start out by asking what sign the other person is and somehow end in a tangent on how...

Graphic by Rayiah Ross

Happy Astrological New Year!

Alyssa Rosado, Astrology Reporter March 19, 2021

Has the beginning of your 2021 unprogressive or as much of a fresh start as you would have liked it to be? No worries, you have a second chance come March 20th when the Sun moves from the last sign...

Graphic by Rayiah Ross

Why Do Women Believe in Astrology More Than Men?

Alyssa Rosado, Astrology Reporter March 10, 2021

In recent years, there has been a clear boom in astrology and its likeness amongst many people, especially women. Astrology is typically advertised and catered towards a femme population through magazines,...

Graphic by Greta Bergin

You Are More Than Your Sun Sign

Alyssa Rosado, Astrology Reporter February 26, 2021

The first piece of information people tend to learn about astrology is their Sun sign because it takes the least amount of research and it is the only sign that is vastly commercialized. The Sun sign is...

Picture Courtesy of Mira Cosic on Pixabay

Learning from your Big Sister Sign

Alyssa Rosado, Astrology Reporter February 24, 2021

One of the most accessible pieces of information about astrology is your sun sign, which is defined by the day and month you are born in. The twelve signs are mainly described and depicted in the media,...

Graphic by Greta Bergin

Finding Your Love Language

Alyssa Rosado, Astrological Reporter February 12, 2021

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there’s an inevitable sense of love and lust in the air. For some, this is rather repulsive while others quite enjoy the romance. A great way to find balance...

2021’s Forecast in the Stars

2021’s Forecast in the Stars

Alyssa Rosado, Guest Writer January 4, 2021

With such a chaotic and traumatic year 2020 was, many are looking forward to a fresh new start come January 1. 2020 was a year of one of the largest global civil uprisings, possibly ever; in addition to...

The Age of Aquarius is Here

Alyssa Rosado, Guest Writer December 17, 2020

Thanks to social media, specifically Twitter and TikTok, there have been more conversations about what is to come on December 21, 2020. Many people are anticipating the entrance to the Age of Aquarius,...

Graphic by Greta Bergin

Wrapping up 2020 with a Total Solar Eclipse

Alyssa Rosado, Astrological Reporter December 10, 2020

December 14th marks the one and only Total Solar Eclipse of 2020. It’ll be in the sign Sagittarius which means it will bring forth qualities that align with the sign Sagittarius. Before diving deep into...

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