Staycation or Homebound? Where MMC Students Are Celebrating Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is this Thursday!! Meaning we have off of classes for a few days, giving students the opportunity to hop on a quick bus, ferry, train or flight home, or to just spend more time here in the city with family or friends. 67% of students that responded to our Instagram poll are not traveling for Thanksgiving, and 33% are, me included. I leave for Virginia on Wednesday and I could not be more excited!! To see my parents and friends for a few days and to get that much needed break from school and work stress. 

MMC Senior Gabriella Gavazzi is going home to Pennsylvania and when asked what she is most excited about, she said “Spending time with my family because this semester in particular, I haven’t been able to go home as much, especially compared to being home for six months straight during COVID-19. I am very excited to see them all, especially my grandma!” 

MMC Sophomore Chloe Portalatin is staying here in NYC, saying “I am excited to stay here because NYC is my home, especially since I have lived in many different places before. Also being in NYC it’s nice to be here for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which I am so excited to go to!” 

MMC Sophomore Alex Richter is going home to Ohio and he’s most excited about being pampered by his family for a few days. What else is family for?

It’s exciting to hear about all of the plans students have this Thanksgiving and I hope they all have a fantastic break! And also always remember to stay masked up and be safe this Thanksgiving.