MMC’s Peculiar Dorm Policy

Reading Time: 2 minutes

 The joker in the pack of youth’s advantages is its fragility. According to essentially every source on the globe, it takes until age twenty three for the frontal lobe to finish developing. Prior to this, events such as great change, for example, are jarring, to say the least. 

    Now, take a young fool, age eighteen, freshly allowed to use the restroom twenty four hours a day on their own volition. Place them in a building with a thousand others whom they don’t know, in cramped quarters. A fortuitous selection under the guise of thoughtful curation will assign several to one, two bedroom apartment. Throughout the six months which follow, a bond, one would presume, if not a state of tranquility must be achieved. 

    This is where the hitch arises. Consider those who run this mysterious building have a certain set of rules. Anyone can move into any room at any time, for example. Certainly, all existing residents are notified, however, just twenty four hours prior is enough to check the box. 

    The majority of sudden, substantial life changes are immediately registered as negative. To the developing mind, they are commination. In an atmosphere which is continuously changing, or susceptible to such, it’s difficult to get comfortable. Stress gnaws at the brain surrounded by what is processed as constant threat. 

    What has been hypothesized here is far from hypothetical, but rather, describes the rooming policy of Marymount Manhattan College. It’s a catch not mentioned prior to moving in. One may presume that a directive in which anyone can move in at any time on a mere twenty four hour notice might be mentioned beyond the fine print, but alas, the fine print will be the bane of us all. 

    This is a plea to the directors of residence- inform the residents. Students can’t focus on their future within a home environment which is constantly at risk of upheaval. Twenty four hours is not enough time. It’s akin to living in a minefield.