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Hidden Healthcare?

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Take a look at the Dow Zanghi page on Marymount’s website. It’s pretty sparse, only listing a few standard services. But something’s missing. Keep scrolling, maybe it’s there. Nope, that’s right, it’s not there. The ‘something missing’ is women’s healthcare. But these resources are available, yet they’re not mentioned on the website at all. It seems odd that a school with a 80.2% female identifying population doesn’t publicize these resources. If students have access to these resources, shouldn’t they be aware of them?


In New York, 93.3% of women have access to healthcare. Major hospitals, Planned Parenthood, and other clinics provide full women’s health exams. With insurance, these services are generally affordable. The NYC Free Clinic provides primary care, STI testing, reproductive health services, and prescriptions for anyone uninsured. Planned Parenthood provides all women’s health services plus abortions. New York has a myriad of options for women’s healthcare, however schools such as Lehman College don’t offer any women’s healthcare services. Marymount Manhattan College is not among them, but at first glance it may as well be. 


After the overturning of Roe v. Wade, access to women’s health services declined across the country. As of 2022, in some states less than 3.33% of women have access to women’s healthcare services. 25 states have enacted strict abortion laws or banned it altogether. Clinics in these states have either shut down or can no longer provide abortions and other reproductive resources. Women are traveling across state lines to receive the care they need. Oregon and New York have expanded women’s healthcare services to accommodate women from out of state. As state laws continue to change, the expansion of resources in less restrictive states will be crucial. 


The Dow Zanghi Student Health Center was once a robust place for medical assistance. Now, it’s only open for in-person visits on Thursday’s and telehealth appointments on Monday’s. The staff consists of just two physician assistants. While the health center is available for all Marymount students, many don’t know they have access because it’s located in the 55th Street Residence Hall. The health center accepts Marymount student insurance and many other types of insurance. Reduced pricing is available for students who choose to pay out of pocket. 


The health center website boasts that it provides flu shots, prescriptions, bloodwork, diagnosis, and treatment. What’s not mentioned on the website are the women’s healthcare services:

  • Birth control prescriptions 
  • Pap smears
  • Breast exams 
  • STI screening 
  • Blood draw to confirm pregnancy 

If a student needs a service the health center doesn’t provide (Plan B and abortions), the staff will refer them to another center or clinic. 


The issue at Marymount isn’t a lack of women’s healthcare resources, it’s a lack of knowledge. There’s no information on the website and emails about the health center are brief and don’t list every service. Awareness of the health center is a huge problem: “Kids who live in the building know I’m here, but no one else does.” 


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