Wrapping up 2020 with a Total Solar Eclipse

Reading Time: 4 minutes

December 14th marks the one and only Total Solar Eclipse of 2020. It’ll be in the sign Sagittarius which means it will bring forth qualities that align with the sign Sagittarius. Before diving deep into what this can mean for one’s present and future, it is important to recognize what a Solar Eclipse is. When a Solar Eclipse occurs, it means that the moon will be between the sun and the earth. It will be aligned with the sun on the sun’s belt/orbit, which would cover the sun’s light shining on earth. Besides making the sky look insanely cool and a completely different color for a moment in time, this has a gravitational pull on one’s cycle in decisions. Meaning this Solar Eclipse is meant to tie up loose ends in one’s life and solidify results that have been unresolved in previous months of 2020. 

Solar Eclipses are also always on new moons, which, for many, means taking part in certain rituals, like charging crystals and manifesting. However, since this new moon is on a Total Solar Eclipse, it is crucial to not continue in these new moon rituals for this one night because it can essentially backfire or cancel them out making them futile. The purpose of a Solar Eclipse is to let things come forward and play out naturally while not intervening. This is the universe’s way of sending out a message to its people. With this Solar Eclipse being in Sagittarius, it will bring forward a lot of truths and paths of right versus wrong. These decisions will come when one is ready, but the truth about them will be revealed during the Solar Eclipse. This will be a sign of whether or not to go forward with something because the truth, or right path, will now be affirmed. The person will just have to want to follow it. During this time as truth is being revealed, it may feel as if one is being pushed to do something they are not ready for, making it easy to pin oneself as a victim. However, it’s important to not run away from the truth but accept it as a personal sign to move on from something that can hold you back.

Photo Courtesy of NASA (NASA/Aubrey Gemignani)

The scenarios arising during this Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius will challenge one’s beliefs and their personal perspective for one last time. It will call for one to take their time looking at different perspectives and compare them to their own. This will force one to be introspective and self reflect on their behavior to help be more honest with themselves. Since Sagittarius is known for being great conversationalists and honest, this Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse will help people do this effortlessly. It will enhance everyone’s abilities to be honest with themselves and others and make for an easy flowing conversation with maturity and clarity. It is important to note that these scenarios coming forth are ones of finality. These choices are do or don’t. In a sense that it will only come around once. It may be closing a chapter that once it is finished, will progress one forward in their life, manifesting new beginnings in the coming months. To do so, a lot of time and energy needs to be focused on this decision because it does not come with sustainable energy. Signifying that this is the final push to tying up loose ends around you. 

Since this Total Solar Eclipse is in a mutable sign, it will greatly impact the other mutable signs, such as Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. Any one person with a mutable sign in their natal chart will experience significant changes in their life as far as new beginnings and opportunities. For mutable suns, like Gemini, this is a time for reflection on your love life. For Virgo Suns, it’s important to stay calm when familial or homelife issues arise. In contrast, Pisces Suns may experience unexpected news in relation to career which allows them to step out of their comfort zone. Similar to Sagittarius Suns, they may experience a wake-up call which is encouraged to take during this Solar Eclipse. 

A Solar Eclipse is one of the most important aspects in astrology because it is when the Sun conjuncts the Moon, or aligns with it, which is rare. This Solar Eclipse will show all possibilities made for you as well as their authenticity. It will help you put yourself at the forefront of new plans for your future. It will boost your optimism about a new future ahead while helping you be introspective so you can move forward without old habits getting in the way. These decisions and scenarios that are being shown beginning December 14th will manifest into the final stretch of the astrological new year, which ends the last day of Pisces season. It is the final stretch because it is the last fire, earth, air, and water season of the astrological year. This Solar Eclipse will help bring clarity to people’s decision-making skills and help people speak in honest and authentic affirmations. 

Unfortunately, this Solar Eclipse will not be physically visible for those who live in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia. It will only be visible for those in South America, specifically in parts of Argentina and Chile. There will be a partial view of the solar eclipse in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay.