The Age of Aquarius is Here

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Thanks to social media, specifically Twitter and TikTok, there have been more conversations about what is to come on December 21, 2020. Many people are anticipating the entrance to the Age of Aquarius, which is completed by a great conjunction. This will occur the day of the winter solstice between two planets, Jupiter and Saturn. There are multiple reasons why this holds significance, one being that Jupiter and Saturn are notoriously known for being slow moving planets; so to be aligned with one another on the same day in the same sign is rare. Secondly, this new era will be in effect for roughly 2,000 years, which will have a major effect on how society progresses. Lastly, these two planets will continue to align with one another as well as the other air signs, Gemini and Libra, until 2159. 

Entering this new Age of Aquarius will help bring forward more innovation, technology, and revolution. It is predicted that the Age of Aquarius will be a great time for new medicine, technology, and highlight many humanitarian issues. These are predicted to occur because Aquarius is a fixed air sign known for being creative, unique, humanitarian, and independent. These qualities are also going to help move society away from Capricorn’s earthy ways of fossil fuels, oil, heavy machinery, capitalism, and big corporations to Aquarius’s revolutionary independence that breaks away from the norm. This new future was foreshadowed during the Age of Capricorn in 1980-2000 when Jupiter and Saturn aligned in the sign of Aquarius and thus personal computers, the internet, and Google was born. The eras or ages go in order just as the signs do, starting from Aries and ending in Pisces. During these eras, the next sign or element is always foreshadowed. For example, during this Age of Aquarius, there will be a glimpse of the future when there is a conjunction with a water sign because the Age of Pisces proceeds Aquarius. This conjunction will happen in Scorpio. 

With this new era in an air sign, you can expect an information revolution that won’t be tangible earthy things but more based on technology and ideas. There will be a shift in how we use our resources, such as energy, reusable energy, batteries, and cars. This will progress society forward into being more sustainable, technology-based, modern, and egalitarian. As society progresses forward and shifts, so will people’s interests. This new age will influence people’s thinking, interests, way of life, and sense of community. Many Aquarian Suns have interests in things such as technology, reading, writing, sci-fi, and avante garde art; this will translate into what new inventions or art will possibly be made and interested in. For instance, during the age of an earth sign, like Capricorn, there were a lot of peaks and interests in big industries and big power. Many people needed a job and a good job meant working for a big company. Opposingly, the Age of Aquarius will have many peaks in creative innovation that are independent from big corporations. This will spark new ideas in people to leave or abandon big corporations and seek independence for the betterment of society, themselves as a consumer, and the environment.

This new era will also spark a revolution for humanity. Since Aquarius is known for being independent as well as rebellious, this era will promote the need for change for society. This era will inspire people to be more active in their society by rebelling against the rules and sticking up for themselves and others. While Aquarius is independent, this sign also focuses on the groups they are connected with as well as the world around them. They love to have a strong sense of community, which will be helpful in this era as people navigate to new developments and relationships. With this comes feelings of selflessness and a lack of possessiveness. These feelings will put into perspective that the world around us is too materialistic and built on greed. The Age of Aquarius will take us out of this cycle of being materialistic, wasteful, and unresourceful. Additionally, this will bring up those who have been hurt by these systems. 

The theme for the Age of Aquarius is humanitarianism, to think outside the box, and keep your independence. However, it is important to note that all these changes and major shifts in society won’t happen overnight. December 21st only marks the day of the conjunction and the cosmic push or entrance to this new era. The real action takes place over hundreds of years and unfortunately we won’t live to see what comes out of this era in the end; but we will be the reason and foundation for it.