You Are More Than Your Sun Sign

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The first piece of information people tend to learn about astrology is their Sun sign because it takes the least amount of research and it is the only sign that is vastly commercialized. The Sun sign is the easiest to identify because it is categorized by your birth month, whereas the other signs need a time, date and location in order to be identified. However, many people are blind to this information. They assume that since the Sun sign is the most popular sign that it is also the main identifier of one’s chart and personality, but there are another 12 signs that are equally as important. These signs together are what makes each person different from another, which is why you will never meet two of the same Sun sign.

The next two placements are the Rising and Moon. It is the sign that you tend to be perceived as by others. People you meet may sense this sign’s traits initially from you rather than your Sun sign. This is because your rising sign is often used as a protective mechanism when portraying yourself to the world. The moon sign is another notable sign that plays a big role in one’s identity because it has a lot to do with how one carries and expresses their feelings and emotions. This sign holds significance because it is the sign we feel most connected to when we are by ourselves, which is why we may feel more like our Moon sign than our Sun sign. These three signs together, Sun, Rising and Moon, make up what is known as the Big 3. The Big 3 is what is used to give a baseline of someone’s personality or identity because it covers one’s ego, perceived identity and emotions.  

Your Mercury involves your way of communication, thinking and processing information. Mercury rules the mind and determines how one talks and thinks. This placement is important because based on whatever sign is in this placement will decide how aggressive, blunt, thoughtful or caring one speaks. Next, there is your Venus, which is known as the planet of love and relationships. Venus rules the how and what you love. The sign that occupies this placement for you will help you better understand your romance life and what can be blocking it or what you may need to work on. For example, water Venus’ tend to have trouble with boundaries because water is boundless, while air Venus’ tend to be hard to contain and focus because air is hard to keep contained. The next planet that ties these two together is Mars, the planet of aggression. Mars determines how one asserts themselves in arguments, positions of power or leadership, in relationships and in group settings. These three work together to encompass one’s mind, voice, actions and dominance. 

The next two planets are your social planets, Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter rules idealism, optimism and expansion. Saturn rules responsibility, boundaries, fears, self-discipline and insecurities. Saturn is more grounded and mature, hence why it rules boundaries, self-discipline and fears, whereas Jupiter is open to philosophy and expansion of the brain. These two go hand and hand as they help one socialize in their world by making sound decisions, educate, take risks and be curious. The sign in these two planets can affect how one dictates their life as either super cautious, impulsive, educational or experimental. 

The next three planets are known as generational planets because they rule a large portion of a generation rather than just individuals in a generation. They are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Uranus rules rebellion and stays in a sign for 7 years, Neptune rules dreams and imagination for up to 14 years per sign and Pluto rules power, obsession and liberation for 30 years in each sign. Generational placements in a chart are important because they help us navigate through life surrounded by people with like minds, for the most part. It is what brings bits of unity to each generation to bring in collective thoughts and ideas that lead to expansionism, change in society, creative thought and innovation. 

Lastly, there are the Nodes of one’s chart, which are defined as your life path and what you are releasing into the world as of right now. Everyone has two Nodes, North and South, which are defined by a sign and its sister sign. The North Node is what the person is working towards their whole life, which is their life path. The South Node is defined as what one is releasing into the world. For example, if one’s South Node is in Aquarius, they will be learning the lesson of releasing the need to please people in order to reach their potential of their North Node. The potential of a Leo North node would be to embrace leading-by-example and collaborating with elite individuals who are very self-expressive and independent. 

All of these placements make up who you are and work together to create your unique personality. When you are reminded of your Sun sign, don’t forget about the other placements that help shape your Sun sign and your identity. Each planet and sign plays a role in your chart and life.