Find your own space within a shared one

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A room, what is a room? Usually, a place where you’re by yourself, enjoying personal space, with privacy, doors, and closet space. If you are living in a dorm, forget about that, but I can offer you some advice on how to survive your first year in a dorm. Usually, when sharing a small suite with four people and your room with one or two roommates, it is hard to have personal space and stay grounded. It can be a struggle when living at Cooper Square. In my first year of ‘in-person college, I shared my room with another person and the bathroom with three people. And it was hard, it is hard to want personal space and not have it, but I learned my tips and tricks of making my living as peaceful as it could get. One must remember that the dorms will be one’s home for an entire school year. We must fill it with positive energy to not feel drained when we return from our busy college student lives. So Declutter your space, make it your own, and make it cozy. However, don’t make it too comfortable. Don’t bring too many pillows, towels, or cutlery, just stuff in general. Keep it minimal. You will be out of there before you know it. Firstly, I’d recommend using the common areas.

The terrace is a great escape whenever one needs to be outdoors but doesn’t want to leave the building. For instance, I gave myself a routine: working out, meditating, or doing yoga on the terrace. Trust me. If you feel like people are watching you exercise, they are not. It’s New York City. Not a lot of people will care what you’re up to. Use that space for breathing, and ground yourself, especially during this time of the year when it is not too cold. I also suggest going on walks whenever you give yourself a break. It is essential to go outside, especially since one does not have a lot of space in dormitory rooms. While we’re on the topic of the common area, go downstairs to the lounge and do your homework there. Give your brain a change in scenery. Trust me; your brain will enjoy it. If you’ve stuck to your exercise routine, but it’s cold, go to the gym around 9 am or 8 pm (usually when it’s least busy). Or, go for a walk to get coffee at Heavenly Market, where you can pay with dining dollars, or to The Bean, where you will get a 10% discount if you show your student ID. On a different note, communication is vital if you have any issues with your roommates or suitemates. Your roommate won’t know if something is bothering you if you don’t tell them. Cooper square’s location is fantastic, with Washington Square park 10 minutes away or the Village East Cinema 7 minutes away, where you will get 7$ off on Tuesday showings, and the countless hidden gems in the area will be unique. But you must remember to speak up if something bothers you, go outside for a walk if you are feeling overwhelmed, and surround yourself with people (who you will find in the dorms) that vibrate higher than you to get as many positive vibes as you can get. The first year of dorming was an unforgettable experience, and there are just a few things that made my experience memorable.