5 Tips to Survive the End of the Semester

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The end of the semester is nearing, and with all of us pushing through that brutal wave of midterms, now it’s time to ride even the even harder wave of finals. Everyone is experiencing some kind of overload, burnout, fatigue, and overall tiredness from exams, papers, and projects. Not to mention seniors who are almost at the end of their journey are most likely feeling that senioritis creep up on them, but don’t let these feelings take over your life. Here are some tips to help alleviate those feelings and give you a better way to help end your semester on a strong note!


Schedule in Some Downtime 


During the end of the semester and finals it’s hard to not only find time for yourself but relax enough to get your mind a break. Throughout the midst of all the studying schedule there is some downtime for yourself to eat, hydrate, give yourself a brain break, and relax. Doing whatever you need to put your mind at ease for however long you believe you have time for. All to ensure you are remembering to take care of yourself.


Make Attainable Short Goals


The normal feeling of being overwhelmed by all these deadlines and assignments at the end of semester can make you feel like there is no way you could finish everything before their due dates. Before letting that feeling take over, take a step back and breathe, but instead of looking at it as one big goal to complete, break everything up. Break up the assignments into small blocks or increments to accomplish more at the end without feeling like this huge pile of assignments is on your shoulders. Make a plan to finish some or complete an assignment (s) by or before a certain date to be finished with all of them before the semester ends. This way you are not burning yourself even more than you already might have done. 


Get Space Away From Campus


MMC students have the luxury of our campus being in NYC, if assignments are getting too much it’s okay to separate from school and the campus itself to clear your head for a little while. Go take a walk in central park when the weather is crazy and decide to be above 70 degrees during fall, go to a museum,  or even ice skating at Rockefeller Center or Bryant Park. It doesn’t matter as long as you get to enjoy the city and just forget your student responsibilities at least for a little bit. 


Set Up a Reward System for Yourself 

Reward yourself with a small treat of some kind when you complete a small goal you made for yourself. For instance, you complete the rest of your essay and math homework and reward yourself with that candy bar you have been saving. That little reward you get after completing work, silly as it may seem, may be the motivation you need to get you through the end of the semester. 


Prioritize Sleep 


Cannot emphasize enough the importance of sleep and how much one, especially a burn out college student, needs. Lack of sleep can really affect not your physical but your mental health and making sure to get rest is very important. Those assignments will be there tomorrow, rest comes first in order to be at your best.